Trattoria Povoledo Venezia

Restaurant Pizzeria Trattoria POVOLEDO
Typical Venetian specialities in the historic centre of Venice

Who we are

The Trattoria opened in 1950 just a short distance from the Venice Santa Lucia railway station; it was popular with our grandfathers due to its strategic position and use of fresh ingredients.

The 20-metre long outdoor terrace extends out over the Canal giving the impression of being surrounded by the lagoon.
It is built on the same pilework foundations as Venice itself and therefore gives an idea of how the city was built.

From here you cannot help but admire the setting sun reflected in the most famous canal in the world while the wake of a passing gondola creates a unique wave on the water, painting a memorable pattern of scintillating light.

Trattoria "Povoledo" is delighted to welcome groups.

A function room is available for parties and special occasions, while there is an area for those looking for a comfortable homely atmosphere, which combines efficient Italian service with a wide range of cosy seating arrangements.

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