Trattoria Povoledo Venezia

Restaurant Pizzeria Trattoria POVOLEDO
Typical Venetian specialities in the historic centre of Venice

Typical Venetian dishes... and plenty more.

Our cuisine is more than just "typically Venetian", in fact tradition is one of out priorities.

Our specialities include a variety of raw and cooked starters based on both sea and lagoon fish, such as carpaccio of fish or giant squid, sardines and scampi "in saor" (Norway lobster fried and marinated with onions and vinegar).

Our first courses include risottos, taglioline with spider crab or gnocchi with shellfish; for main course we offer gilthead seabream fillet and selections of grilled and fried fish.

As well as fish, our menu features steak tartare, carrot risotto with a splash of Cartizze Prosecco and Venetian-style liver and onions. All our desserts are homemade and include crème brûlée, panna cotta with berries, chocolate mousse and tiramisù, all "washed down" with a selection of Italian wines and French Champagnes.

We welcome groups!

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